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US Liberals disarm, assault and attack US women daily now

US Liberals disarm, assault and attack US women daily now

Liberals Cheer Disarming of Women, Assault on all women in bathrooms, Fund
and encourage attacks on pregnant and other women in broad daylight

There are several authentic real time videos posted about the many assaults
on men and women at the recent San Jose rally for Donald Trump.

Violence on this scale has not happened previously in America and certainly
not directed at peaceful citizens attending a rally.

Especially disturbing is this account of assaults while police and a Mayor
of a major city simply do nothing to stop it.

Corey Stewart, Chairman of Prince William County has said of the assaults and
some of the accused criminals who attacked with a mob assault "If I am Governor
of Virginia, we will throw their asses out of the country."

One of the most disgusting reports of these self declared enemies of America follows:

Got News website reports:

A pregnant Trump supporter was rescued by some Trump supporters after anti-Trump illegals and savages targeted her.

This is what she had to say to exclusively:

I parked right next to the convention center so that I could safely get back to my car. See, I'm pregnant and came to the rally alone as my husband had to work................

.................This lobby is adjacent to the parking lot, but suddenly a HUGE commotion outside! We are behind glass windows and what we see is like sharks attacking smaller fish!! About 50 or so rioters beat 2 Trump supporters to the ground!! Worse than rabid animals!!!!!! WORSE!

As I walked to my car I saw a Trump supporter with blood all over his shirt on the right side. I saw three young men who looked like their shirts were torn off. They werein shock?............."

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