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Last Days of Target?: $1 Billion Mistake Attempting to Dictate to Canada Similar Mistake as Bathroom Dictate in USA

Last Days of Target?: $1 Billion Mistake Attempting to Dictate to Canada
Similar Mistake as Bathroom Dictate in USA

Summary: Target Disaster In Canada.
They just lost nearly $1 billion trying to dictate to
Canadians six months ago.

"It is clear that Target is developing a pattern of political or corporate arrogance and the recent
decision to push a transgender policy on America is similar to other disasters
adversely impacting millions in this country with the 2014 data breach and now in recent
reports on Target's disasterous decision to ignore local conditions throughout Canada
resulting in a $1 billion loss," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the US Inc.

Gawker, a liberal website, asks:

Why Was Target Canada Such a Disaster?

"It's hard to overstate what a fiasco Target Canada has been; in a year, it's lost nearly a billion dollars. It was Target's first major foray into international waters, and was supposed to be a step towards building a global empire. Instead, it has been described as a "supply chain disaster," as well as a "botched" effort to foolishly run a Canadian operation with American executives.."

Reveal from a top employee:

"From the beginning, a lot of emphasis, time and energy was put into in my training. The primary focus of which, was acclimating to the Target "culture" - I spent months training in the U.S. at stores, District and Regional offices. I can say that I agree with the previous poster on the "passive aggressive" nature of Target's performance management."

This employee details at length how Target Corporate management ignored top retail employees from Canada and decided to implement an American model on Canada without taking into account the Candadian natives.

Another Article on the same topic of Target's Disaster in Canada:


subtitle "I remember wanting to vomit"

The grand opening of Target Canada was set to begin in one month, and (Canada Target CEO) Tony Fisher needed to know whether the company was actually ready. (It was ) February 2013..................

(There was no good news: Supply problems, opening issues, lack of firm delivry dates, no one really understood how the inventory system worked, delays in renovations.) ........

"Nobody wanted to be the one to say, 'This is a disaster,'" says a former employee................

.............. "I remember wanting to vomit," recalls one participant.

"Roughly two years from that date, Target Canada filed for creditor protection, marking the end of its first international foray and one of the most confounding sagas in Canadian corporate history. The debacle cost the parent company billions of dollars, sullied its reputation and put roughly 17,600 people out of work."

"On the first anniversary of the company's bankruptcy filing, Canadian Business spoke to close to 30 former employees in Canada and the U.S. to find out how Target, one of the best retailers in North America, got it so wrong in Canada. "

(One of the reasons?) "... a sophisticated retail giant felled by the most mundane, basic and embarrassing of errors."

The above article is directly from Canadian Business, here

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