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Target's List of Stores Closing This Year, May Grow Soon

In 2016: Target is closing the doors to 13 of its stores.

That was the headline and full statement on November 4, 2015 as posted on CNN Money as Target Corporation announced 13 of its 1,799 stores had to close.


"These 13 stores are now closed as of today, June 2, 2016. But this list may grow by November 2016, just one year after they had to announce 13 to be closed in 2016. In comparison, last summer, Macy's disassociated itself from Donald Trump and within six months had to close 55 stores. This is just developing but it is reasonable to assume Target is getting a lot more political flack and opposition than Macy's ever did in that compariable six month period. It was a simple but quiet uprising from thousands of Trump supporters never even recorded or registered.

Just like Macy's Corporate leadership, the Target CEOs did not anticipate, or probably did not care at all, that their transgender social engineering would spark an uprising. They are wrong. Average people do not expect liberal extremist propaganda designed to violate your personal privacy coming from a department store. Sadly, Target leadership has decided their 1799 stores can move as quickly as a small coffee chain to advance a leftist agenda and they are wrong politically on many fronts as well as this, due to the thousands who are speaking out about this clearly on a daily basis. This is a sustained campaign." said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

CNN Money reported (Nov. 2015):

On Wednesday, Target (TGT) confirmed that the locations across the U.S. would be closing by January 31, 2016.

A Target spokesperson said "the decision to close a Target store is not made lightly."

She added that before the company decides to make a closure, a store's financial health is evaluated over a long period of time. "Typically, a store is closed as a result of seeing several years of decreasing profitability," she said.

The full list of affected stores is below:

Austin North East in Austin, TX;
Suncoast Pasco County in Odessa, FL;
Casa Grande, AZ;
Victorville, CA;
East Flint in Flint, MI;
Columbus Southwest in Columbus, OH;
Springfield, OH;
Northridge in Milwaukee, WI;
Superior, WI;
New Ulm, MN;
Ottumwa, IA;
Anderson, IN;
Dixie Highway in Louisville, KY

Note: 2500 stores with Sears and K-mart with the largest number have are closing in 2016 and 2017

according to Time Magazine. But it is Target that is the focus of petitions and boycott efforts.

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