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Millions Witness: Florida Woman Tapes, Chases and Catches Serial Target Pervert Stalker

3.5 million views on Youtube. 33,000 Shares on Facebook.

Many millions of ABC TV News viewers, many more, have seen the heroic accomplishment of a brave Florida woman who films her confrontation with an accused Target serial stalker who has victimized many women in Target dressing rooms and bathrooms. She confronts, chases him down and authorities arrest him and find out, again thanks to the brave lady, that here are many victims of this "accused Target pervert."

This documentation of just one serial Target "lurker" , who has reportedly done to this others, is being reported in many other news broadcasts in many other countries since the incident.


A Florida woman turned the tables on man with a prior conviction for preying on women in public places, catching an alleged encounter on camera.

Candice Spivey says the man, whom police identified as Jeffery Polizzi, had approached her two years ago, asking her what she described as inappropriate questions. But Spivey recognized the man this time, quickly thinking to record a video on her phone as she chased the suspect out of a Target store.

"Do you remember running into me in the grocery store?" Spivey of Yulee, Florida, asks Polizzi in the video.

"Call the cops," she shouts as the man begins to run away from her.


The original video is posted here with a statement from Candice Spivey

This is one of dozens of postings on youtube of the video with 466,000 views.

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